Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DC Universe Classics: Wave 15

DC Universe Classics Wave 15 has arrived! Which begs the question: What happened to wave 14? Oh, right, Mattel. There you go.

Initially available at Kmart (yeah, right), comic shops are now starting to receive their shipments of wave 15. Apparently, some comic shop assortments are coming packed with either the standard version of Martian Manhunter or the variant, but not both. Same goes for Starman; Ted or Jack, but not both shipped at once. I ended up with the variant Manhunter and the more modern incarnation of Starman. Hopefully, the two variants will continue to circulate so everyone can obtain their preferred version of each character (or so they can be obsessive, like me, and pick up both versions). Also of interest, the second fan choice figure, Raven, debuts in this wave. Currently, she's my favorite figure from wave 15.

Look forward to overviews of the DC Universe Classics Wave 15 figures, starting with Golden Pharaoh of Super Powers fame, coming soon! Warped limbs, sloppy paint, and all!

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