About the Author


A long time ago, in a galaxy quite close by, Sekmet was introduced to toys by his mother at a young age. Ever since, he has been a toy fanatic and devoted servant of pieces of plastic joy. Over the years, Sekmet has collected Barbies, superhero toys, fantasy figures, video game visages, and more. His current obsessions are the Monster High and Ever After High doll lines by Mattel.

Aside from eating, sitting, and sleeping, Sekmet enjoys video games, comic books, and flamboyant clothing and shoes. He is a six-year veteran of Final Fantasy XI Online, four-year veteran of DC Universe Online, and currently wastes away the hours in Eorzea playing Final Fantasy XIV. Sekmet also plays the flute and oboe, and pretends that he can play the piano. He has had the distinct pleasure of playing oboe at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

At the present, Sekmet languishes in California's Bay Area, where he was originally spawned. He is currently working in retail and believes that there must be more than this provincial life.

Sekmet's favorite superhero is Big Barda.